Thursday, July 10, 2008

"I've Had All I Can Stands...

... and I can't stands no more." This was the battle cry for Popeye The Sailor right before he popped the top on a can of spinach and kicked some ass!

Well, with the Senate and The House passing Bush's version of FISA (and hereby stripping us citizens of our civil rights to unwarranted surveillance)... with everyone looking for a fight in Iran... with internet companies trying to choke the free flow of information by charging users for bandwidth (which is essentially free)... this blogger, who has been silent, is taking up his keyboard again.

From now on, this blog will be dedicated to pointing a finger at the shim-sham scams the government and the powerful are trying to pull over on us. We'll start with this...

Remember those missile tests Iran pulled the other day. It made people who buy into the whole terrorist fear mongering Bush-ites have been playing (don't get me wrong - there are terrorists in the world. They're just not at a threat level worthy of going all Orwellian on us - more on this in future blogs).

Back to those Iranian missiles... what would you say if those pictures spread all over major newspapers were 'Photoshopped'? Not only 'Photoshopped' but fed to the world media by Iran's own propaganda machine.



Read this bit on Boing-Boing affectionately titled "Iran: You Suck At Photoshop".

And this bit from the New York Times.

Afterwords, file this post under "Don't believe everything you see."


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