Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Body Electric on Jaman

As their tagline says, Jaman is a way to "discover, enjoy and share world cinema."
I am proud to announce that my short film Body Electric is a part of this new website.

Jaman was formed by the Cinequest Film Festival. They had shown Body Electric in their on-line fest awhile back. Last year they asked to carry my film on Jaman.

They've done a lovely page for the film. There you can either download the film or watch it on the site. You're even allowed to make comments. Here's some kind words someone wrote about the film:
A creepy, unsettling take on who's in control and who's not. Body Electric, in the vein of La Jetee, uses black and white photomontage with voice-overs to portray a familiar world that's run by a select few. By using spectacular, jaunty stills, the film effectively communicates a corrupt ethical premise without veering into didacticism. It makes you wonder why dissent is often wrongly taken to mean anti-progress.
Jaman is in the Beta stage right now which means you can join for free by clicking HERE. Tell your friends. Watch and leave comments. Boost awareness.

The Jaman page for Body Electric is HERE.