Tuesday, August 26, 2008

This Is Why The Dems May Lose

They say they're Democrats, yet they are willing to vote for McCain if they don't get their way. They believe in unsubstantiated rumors that even their own favored candidate, Hillary Clinton, won't repeat (because it's not true).

Yet, here they are at the circus that is the Democratic National Convention, spewing neo-con 'fear factoids' (an original BFO phrase - use it wisely!) to a media that loves repeating nonsense until it becomes "truth". JON STEWART IS RIGHT, btw! These women are wrong.

If you have a 17 page report proving Obama is a Muslim and you truly are xenophobic enough to believe that would be a problem, you should be shouting your source's name from the rooftops. Unless, of course, your source is a disreputable one... or it's just plain WRONG.

Say what you will about the Republican Party, but when the DNC attracts the lunatic fringe, no wonder the Democrats seem shaky.

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